Undocumented Students and Mental Health

Podcast By: Isaura Aceves

In the news there’s a constant flood of  stories about immigration, the wall and DACA. The arguments and debates seem endless. There’s a group of people that are living today with growing uncertainties and worries due to the debates surrounding immigration. We take a look at how undocumented students and their mental health is impacted by their status and the current political climate.

After the 2016 election of President Donald Trump, there was growing  fear and uncertainty for DACA students. In June 2017 the United States Homeland Security announced that it intended to repeal the DACA program. The program continued due to court rulings but it’s has stopped taking applicants as it’s status is still unclear. The protection that daca students had isn’t as secure anymore and this has caused a growing stress which has lead to declining health, physically and mentally

Stephanie Medina is the president for FUEL, an organization centered on empowering undocumented students, and has struggled with her own mental health. She’s constantly balancing the struggles of having external worries about her family’s safety and her education.

While there is an alum that’s trying to change the discussion surrounding mental health. Georgie Sandoval is the host and producer for Brains Are Sexy at 22 West Media, where they focus on mental health because they believe a healthy brain is a sexy brain. Their experience as undocumented student and their relationship with their mental health motivates him fighting the stigma surrounding it.