Video Game Round-up for March 2018


Every month an abundance of games gets released on all video game platforms whether it’s PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo or even on mobile phones. And with every month there are some standout titles that grab people’s attention to play the games. Here are some of the video game released in the month of March:

1. Far Cry 5 (March 27, All Platforms)- The ultra-popular first-person shooter from Ubisoft, Far Cry, is back with the fifth installation in the main series. For the first time in franchise history, “Far Cry 5” takes place in the United State more specifically in the state of Montana. Players get the chance to tackle a cult like presence that terrors a small county in Montana. “Far Cry 5” brings back the same tropes and mechanics that made the franchise great and popular to begin with and with some new abilities like the parent mechanic. The partner mechanic lets players take on mission with an AI partner, which brings an added element of strategy to each level that wasn’t there before.



2. A Way Out (March 23, All Platforms)- “A Way Out” is a new video game from the developer of “A Tale of Two Sons” and was published by Electronic Arts. This new game forces players to experience the narrative with a friend. The reason for that is because the story is about two buddies that find a way to escape prison. Both characters have different personalities and each player takes command of one of the two. While playing the game, both players have to tackle different puzzles and make tough decisions throughout the game that will affect the outcome of missions. “A Way Out” is clever with its storytelling and gives a different experience that is rarely seen in video games today.



3. Sea of Thieves (March 20, Xbox One and PC)- “Sea of Thieves” is one of the very few exclusives that are coming to the Xbox One. “Sea of Thieves” puts players in the shoes of pirates and have them find buried treasure, sail the seven seas and fight other pirates all in cartoony style graphics. “Sea of Thieves” while pretty and enjoyable on the surface, it does not have a lot of depth. The game has been continuously compared the “No Man’s Sky,” a similar game that was also pretty too look at but lacked major depth in gameplay. Regardless, Sea of Thieves has potential to get better over time.



4. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (March 19, Mobile)- The game that created and made the battle royal genre so popular amongst gamers made its way to smartphones. PUBG is full playable on your iPhone with all the mechanics and with the same amount of players on the same map. The graphics did take a major hit when juxtaposed next to its PC predecessor, but despite the visual hit PUBG does not dumb down the controls or gameplay. The game still plays great and is still very much enjoyable.



5. Fortnite Battle Royal (March 12, Mobile)- The game that has all of a sudden reach massive popularity and success over the past couple of months, finally lands on mobile. “Fortnite Battle Royal” is still fun on mobile, as it is on consoles. Graphically, it didn’t take a huge dip since its visual style was already cartoony. The game controls well and its overall a solid port to mobile. There are glitches and bugs, but nothing that loses the luster of what “Fortnite Battle Royal” is.