What are you Listening to?

By Astrid Perez

Whether they’re on their way to class, eating lunch or just taking a break in between classes, college students are always listening to music. With earphones in and your favorite music playing, it's easy to make a quick escape from reality and unwind for even just a moment.

Take a look at what students at CSULB are listening to and maybe you’ll discover your next favorite song.

Diana Marroquin, 18, Undecided.jpg

Diana Marroquin, 18, Undeclared

“Can’t Stay” - Travis Scott

“I like his vibe, it’s really chill but it also hypes you up at the same time.”

Shalyiah Levingston, 18, Undecided.JPG

Shalyiah Levingston, 18, Biology

“War With Me” - Kt Foreign feat. Nef the Pharaho and Yhung T.O

“I like this song because it reminds me of living back home in Northern California.”

Emilio Guzman, 19, Psychology.JPG

Emilio Guzman, 19, Psychology

Live set by Gammer and Kayzo

“I’ve seen them live before at Hard Summer and it takes me back to that. I like the vibes and good feeling they give off.”

Jarrod Castillo, 22, Journalism.JPG

Jarrod Castillo, 22, Journalism

“I’m Bad” - L.L. Cool J.

“I like the flow because it's really aggressive, especially for L.L. Cool J.’s type of music. I like to listen to it when I work out or when I’m late to class because its my pump up song.

Leslie Diaz, 17, English.JPG

Leslie Diaz, 17, English

“Hypnotize” - The Notorious B.I.G.

“I like that he influenced a lot of other artists. He was different; he stepped out of his comfort zone and didn’t care what other people thought about him.”

Brianna Martinez, 21, Liberal Studies.JPG

Brianna Martinez, 21, Liberal Studies

“Last Night”- Keyshia Cole, Diddy

“This song puts me in a good mood and I like that it’s danceable.”

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