When School Meets Internship: Why Networking Is Key For College Students Like Me


Joshua Ledet from American Idol, Season 11.

Joshua Ledet from American Idol, Season 11.

This semester I landed an internship for a public relations and special events firm called Lynn Allen Jeter & Associates. The Los Angeles-based firm focuses on clients ranging from musicians, directors and actors. As a public relations intern, I manage a wide range of clients such as Season 11 American Idol singer Joshua Ledet, VH1 reality star from Black Ink Crew: Chicago Katrina “Kat Tat” Jackson and four-time nominated Grammy artist Vincent Berry, who wrote Beyonce’s award-winning song titled "Sandcastles."

I heard about the internship through several CSULB classmates who intern for the firm as well. What makes this internship different from all my other experience in entertainment PR is that my mentor, Lynn Jeter, teaches us how to use the traditional ways of PR. Not only that, but she also allows us young interns to use what we know about digital PR and any ideas we’ve learned from our PR classes and help incorporate these with her firm. When it comes to practicing the old ways of public relations at Lynn Allen Jeter & Associates, I have learned how to pitch to traditional media outlets and write press releases. Many people I met in the entertainment industry told me that they don’t really read press releases anymore. Although, it is surprising to see which traditional media outlets noticed my work and sought my clients for exposure.  

Other than writing press releases and pitching to media outlets, my work also includes creating electronic press kits, talking to bloggers and casting agents as well as having one-on-one conversations with my clients to discuss ideas for future projects. Each day at my internship is never the same. The work that I do and the people I interact with are exciting and capture my love for all things entertainment and for that, I love what I do and why I want to pursue working in entertainment PR in the future.

As a current student in Jennifer Newton’s class, Journalism 470: Digital Public Relations Toolbox, I was also able to bring what I learned from this class, in particular, to my mentor and tell her all about it. Now thanks to my class and Lynn’s love for my idea of getting certified in social media marketing, all interns at the firm are required to take certification courses in social media marketing for sites such as Twitter and Facebook. By doing this, my mentor gives us the opportunity to widen our skills in PR and stand out from the crowd as we apply for other entertainment PR companies in the future. Interning with Lynn Allen Jeter & Associates has blessed me with a multitude of knowledge in entertainment PR that I can carry on into future professions within the field.

The main idea to take away from all this is simply based off one word: network. Thanks to my network of classmates, the relationships I built with my celebrity clients and media outlets as well as the bond I created with my mentor, Lynn, I am now able use these connections and build off of each and every one of them once I graduate. With that being said, please take the time to listen to your peers in class, pay attention to lectures and incorporate these college skills into your careers and internships, because you never know how far networking can take you.

To know more about Lynn Allen Jeter & Associates and what we do check out our website: https://www.lynnallenjeterandassociates.com/