10 Things To Do This Summer



1. Go to the Beach - Duh!

One of the major perks of living in sunny Southern California is being just a hop skip and a jump away from the beach. From Long Beach to Venice take your pick of any coastal spots and take some time to relax after that long, grueling spring semester. Watch the day fade to night at your leisure with a guilt free conscience of impending homework and test. You deserve it!

2. Moonlight Movies on the Beach

While you’re at the beach why not catch a free movie? June 21st marks the return of Moonlight Movies at the Beach held in Belmont share. Movies run until August 30 and are completely free with plenty of free parking. All movies start just at sunset on Granada Beach. This summer’s series will be kicked off with a free screening of “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Moonlight Movies is a fun family friendly event and a quiet way to spend a hot summer week day night. Food and snacks are available for purchase.

3. Get Fit

So you skipped the gym all semester because you were swamped with homework. Now summer is here and your summer bod is no where near ready. Well the good news is, it’s never too late to get started! Now that school is over and your schedule has opened up it’s the perfect time to get into shape, no excuses! Have fun with your workout! Find a yoga class or a small gym to get started at. Kava yoga located on 4th street offers 10% discount for students. Have fun with your workout! Join a dance class or try boxing. Stay consistent and half way through the summer you’ll start seeing results. By the time fall semester starts, you’ll be in the best shape of your life and full on ready for the academic year with a new found confidence.

4. Go For a Ride

Maybe gyms aren’t quite your thing. Get fit recreationally. Long Beach is very bike friendly and has various routes to travel throughout the city. Ride a bike through the stale summer air, ride along the beach and watch the sunrise, before hitting the turn up prep your mind and your body with a sunset ride down PCH. Chill on a cruiser or opt for a 10-speed to fast and go hard. Whichever is your preference, but the most important thing is to remember to have fun!

5. Check Out a Free Museum

Plenty of museums across the greater Los Angeles area host various days of free entry to the general public. Get artsy and check one out. The Museum of Latin American Art in Downtown Long Beach is free every Sunday and the Long Beach Museum of Art is free most Friday's. There are also other options from LACMA to the Getty. Check out this list of free museums by We Like L.A. To find my museums.

6. Get a Tan!

Enjoy some outdoor activity and some natural light. Your summer fun will reflect itself in your new gorgeous tan, giving you a summer glow that signifies you’ve been having nothing but a good time this summer. Make sure to protect yourself though. Opt out of full coverage and go for something like between 30 - 50 SPF and get a tan the safe way. Golden skin is hot but skin cancer is not! So lather on that sunscreen and be careful out there!

7. Learn to Surf

At almost any beach you can get some surf lessons for a price of course. Never been on a surfboard in your life? So what? Summer 2016 is time for adventure! Or maybe you want to try kayaking, or paddleboarding, or you can even try the LB Hydrobikes out in Naples. Take your pick of water sport, just get out there! There are plenty of options.

8. Read a Book

If you’re now burnt out after a long week/month of fun in the sun, maybe now you want to stay in. Try picking up a book and chilling at home in the backyard or at a nearby park. Go chill in a coffee shop and nibble a cookie while you start in on a new read. Stick to the classics or try reading the latest. Or maybe you just want to read this month’s magazine. Don’t let that brain turn to mush just because it’s summer vacation. Especially not after all that fine tuning you did this school year! Exercise that brain muscle. Read the dictionary for Christ’s sake! Just pick up something!

9. Have a Picnic at the Beach, Park, or a Museum

Picnics are a fun and creative summer activity. Take the easy route and buy some take out or get super fancy and cook up something good in your own kitchen. What will it be? Raspberry lemonade? Chicken hummus wrap? White wine and a cheese plate? Now we’re talking! Pack away your snackables in a super cute picnic basket, put on something light and comfortable, and eat ‘til your heart's content.

10. Treat Yo’self (Go to a Spa!)

The semester has been rough. You’ve barely slept, ate, or even had time to breathe. Stress levels are high and tension is tight. Take a load off and spend some time at a local spa. They’re all over Long Beach! Sounds pricey but try looking for deals on Groupon and treat yo’self!