Common Side Effects Art Exhibit


As photography evolves so has the access to sharing photos and a false sense of artisanship that goes along with not just clicking a camera, but creating art.

Ed Templeton, professional skateboarder, photographer and artist, has curated an art exhibit called Common Side Effects that showcases six street photographers who all capture the emotion and subcultures of Southern California.

The exhibit includes photos from both Ed and his wife Deanna which spans Ed’s career as a skateboarder and artist. It includes images from Ed’s past work including his acclaimed photobooks Teenage Smokers and Teenage Kissers, as well as new sculptures and paintings that derive directly from the people in his hometown.

Ed’s artwork and photography is heavily influenced by his time spent traveling the world as a professional skateboarder in the '90s and early 2000s. His and Deanna’s work most often speaks on the tiny details which make up the bigger picture in life, capturing the wacky events and people of his day-to-day.

Devin Briggs and Billy ‘Soncho’ Williams are the youngest photographers of the group. Both grew up in the surf and skate cultures of Southern California. These two have an eye for the absurd and by looking through their work one can see the amazing potential they have for the art.

Briggs’ photos are a reflection of his time spent near the ocean cities of Orange County, in search for the weirdos hiding underneath every pier and through every alleyway. The wacky subjects that frequent Brigg’s photos are perfect examples of irony in the stereotypical Southern California image.

On the other side of the coin is Soncho, whose photos depict the punkier, darker undertones of sunny Southern California and the skateboarding culture that fuels it. His work, which includes images from the riots that took place in Huntington Beach last year, are a look into the counter culture of Orange County that most people don’t get a chance to see.

Nolan Hall, the Vans Surf Team manager, is a photographer whose photos depict his travels around the world. Hall's job allows him to travel and take photos of people and cultures in some of the most beautiful places in the world with surfing’s most iconic and fascinating athletes.

And finally we have Grant Hatfield, a contributor to Vans Skate media and a vintage clothing reseller who resides in our very own Long Beach. Hatfield's photos depict the humorous, comic, and light-hearted moments that surround his typical day, whether they be with friends out skateboarding or speedo-wearing tourists.

The show is dedicated to Dick McCoy, a longtime friend of the Templeton’s who framed every single picture in the art center. The exhibit is located on 538 Main Street, Huntington Beach, is free to the public, and runs through November 7.

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