CSULB Artists Paint On Recycling Bins To Spread Awareness On Earth Week





Friday April 22 marked the 46th anniversary of Earth Day, but it is more than just date on the calendar. Earth Day has been celebrated since the modern environmental movement in 1970 and because the fight for a clean environment continues, it has grown in CSULB from being a single day to a week.  

CSULB’s Sustain U, a committee who advocates sustainability throughout the campus, held its first ever "Triple R-tist Competition" Thursday during Earth Week. The artists had to each creatively design a recycling bin, which would be donated to local elementary schools around Long Beach and Los Angeles and raise awareness for why recycling is important.

“The idea for Triple R-tist came from a brainstorming meeting with other co-hosts. We wanted to bring the creative side to Earth Week. It's been proven that if a trash bin stands out people are more likely to go out of their way to recycle or throw trash," Nathan Sayed, Sustainability Assistant said.

Each student that checked into the Sustain U tent between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. received a pebble to drop into their favorite recycling bin. At the end of the event, Sayed counted the all the pebbles from each bin, and the one with the most was the winner.

Katarina Stiller, third-year ceramics major, and Page Ramirez, third-year animation major, won the competition with their "Smiley Bin".

With art being one of their greatest passions and the issues of sustainability being a great concern to them, the competition seemed like too good of an opportunity to miss.  

“We wanted our design to be something cute, fun and happy since recycling should be a celebratory experience for all ages. We felt that cheery, little bottles and cans can best embody that spirit,” Stiller and Ramirez said.

The SoMAS Board took 2nd place and the SoMAS student body received 3rd place.

The three winners each received beach cash gift cards, with first place winning $75, second place winning $50 and third place winning $25.

The fourth bin was done by the Team of Program Council, but did not participate in the competition.