Dinner and a Show at The Federal Bar



One look at the Federal Bar in Long Beach and you would never imagine the wonderful surprise hidden inside. On the outside it may seem like a sophisticated restaurant with a beautiful wooden interior and amazing chandeliers. But the restaurant is more than meets the eye. Originally a 1920s bank, the building was renovated to become a gastropub where people relax and enjoy delicious food and specialty cocktails. But beyond the Federal Bar, conveniently hidden deep down in the basement is a small music venue, appropriately named The Federal Underground.

The music venue is a place where fans can watch intimate shows from up-and-coming artists. The venue is tiny - fitting only around 300 people. However, it's small size is perfect for music lovers who want to discover new artists for cheap prices.

On Sunday, Oct. 11, the unique-sounding psychedelic rock band Radio Moscow, from Story City, Iowa, had the opportunity to perform at the venue and show case their talent.

With enticing electric guitar riffs and heavy hitting beat, Radio Moscow entertained the crowd with its throwback to 70’s classic rock. The band relies more on the sound of their instruments to entertain the crowd than the use of lyrics.


For being a small band, Radio Moscow has one of the most interesting background stories. The band's singer and guitarist, Parker Griggs, managed to hand a demo tape to Black Keys' front man Dan Auerbach after a gig. Auerbach liked the demo so much, he helped produced their 2007 self-titled debut and got the band signed to a record label.

“We didn’t quite have the success they have, but he definitely liked our band and helped us out a lot.” stated Griggs.

Unfortunately, as the years have gone by, the band has lost contact with the Black Keys singer. But the band remains eternally grateful for the opportunity of the life time. The band has been able to produce five full-length albums and are currently working on a live album.

“We were playing shows to nobody for years and now finally it’s finally getting a little better,” added Griggs.

The music Radio Moscow plays is not typically considered “main stream”, and their style is truly one of a kind. The band plays every form of rock including psychedelic, blues, garage, and hard rock. The crowd absolutely adored Radio Moscow. The whole venue was swaying back and forth and enjoying the music. Radio Moscow is without a doubt a band that anyone can embrace and enjoy.


The Federal Underground creates a dark and richly decorated ambiance where music lovers can spend a good time hearing great live music. Uniquely, the venue books bands that do not get enough exposure in the music industry and for that it is truly a hidden gem.

For more information about the restaurant and upcoming shows please visit: http://lb.thefederalbar.com.