Five Haunted SoCal Attractions to Check Out This Halloween



Halloween is basically every day of October so why not take a look at these five places guaranteed to make your night worth the fright.


 Photo courtesy of Revenge of the Ninjas' Facebook

Photo courtesy of Revenge of the Ninjas' Facebook

1)   Revenge of the Ninjas – Torrance, CA

Long ago, the Kage No Michi warriors had welcomed a guest into their dojo only to be betrayed and have their village and people destroyed. Every year, around the time of the massacre, the fallen ninjas are awakened and take revenge on those trespassing. This indoor/outdoor labyrinth is not only home to the ninjas but other creatures too.

This event is free but donations are strongly encouraged to help next year’s Halloween event. More information can be found at


2) The Backwoods Maze – Burbank, CA

Don’t be fooled by this homemade Halloween attraction. The Backwoods Maze packs a lot of frightening punch as any professional Halloween maze. Sci-fi monsters and all things alike are waiting at each corner to scare you in ways you might not see coming. 

Admission is free, but donations are strongly encouraged. For more information visit their Yelp at


 Photo courtesy of Scream Zone

Photo courtesy of Scream Zone

3)   The House of Horror – San Diego, CA

This haunted attraction takes over San Diego’s Del Mar Fairgrounds and transforms itself into the “Scream Zone.” With four different attractions, “The House of Horror” is definitely the one to not miss as it holds 12 terrifying dens with different themes such as a zombie house, Texas graveyard and the underworld.

“House of Horror” tickets are being sold for $18.00 at


 Photo courtesy of Reign of Terror's Facebook

Photo courtesy of Reign of Terror's Facebook

4) Reign of Terror – Thousand Oaks, CA

A huge maze that holds 82 rooms and 15,000 square feet means you have room to run right? Wrong. This maze has several different themes that are sure to get your heart racing. With themes like an asylum and a clown house, there’s so much to expect around the next turn that might feel never ending.

General admission is $17 while the VIP express line is $25. Tickets can be purchased at

 Photo courtesy of The 17th Door

Photo courtesy of The 17th Door

5)   The 17th Door – Tustin, CA

Located in Tustin, there’s more than meets the eye when you enter this house. With 17 different rooms, guests embark on a psychotic trip inside the mind of Paula, a first-year college student at Gluttire University. All the rooms have different twists and themes, and guests spend a couple of minutes in each room – which is more intense and frightening than the last. Upon entering, guest are required to sign a waiver and are reminded to cry “mercy” if the experience becomes too much.  

“The 17th Door” tickets are being sold for $21-$25 at



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