Kayaking: A Relaxing Must-Do


Going into the fourth week of the fall semester, assignments and exam dates were approaching quickly for me. I had something due for all of my classes this week; therefore my stress was slowly rising. I knew I had to give myself a break somewhere in between work and studying this weekend.

A few days ago a friend of mine who also attends CSULB invited me to go kayaking. Although I am into fitness and outdoor activities I have never been kayaking. I always assumed it was expensive and out of my reach but she then gave me the details. The place is called “Kayak Rental” it is located on Ocean Blvd. approximately ten minutes away from campus. You can either drive there or take Long Beach Transit, the 121.

My friend suggested that the experience is better in the mornings because it is refreshing and less crowded. They open at 9am, it costs $10/hour, life jackets and Ziploc bags are available for your personal belongings. Also, you have the option of kayaking alone or with a partner (the price remains the same either way). You kayak on a small bay that is in the form of a circle, (there is an entrance to the open ocean towards the end, just make sure you do not make that wrong turn) always stay within the circle.


I went with my sister and friend, but I was the only one new to this activity. My friend decided to do the partner kayak with me while my sister rode solo. I will warn you, if you do not workout you arms on the daily basis then they will feel like noodles at the end and you will wake up extremely sore. The thing about kayaking is that when you want to turn left you need to paddle right and in order to turn right you need to paddle left. In the small bay where you kayak, there are houses in the middle with their boats (of all sizes) parked in front. You have to make sure that you do not hit those. It sounds a bit confusing but trust me you will quickly get the hang of it, then realize just how simple, peaceful and relaxing kayaking is.

As I paddled, the fresh water would splash onto my face and legs inside the kayak then a sudden breeze would follow. It was such a great feeling. There were times my friend and I would stop paddling and we would just sit back and take in the view. This definitely made me forget about deadlines and exams. It took me away from my worries and placed me into a state of harmony.

It took my friends and I an hour to complete the circle so we only paid $10 each. They let you take your time and charge you until the end. Nonetheless, if you are searching for a fun, inexpensive, relaxing, and local outdoor activity to do during your break or after class then I definitely suggest kayaking.

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