The Late Late Show Audience Review


The most important part of any live television show isn’t just the host, or the opening monologue, or even the guests, but the audience that sits along watching and laughing whatever is thrown their way.

Tuesday evening, I had the chance to take a few CSULB students to a live taping of The Late Late Show with James Corden where we got to see first-hand what it means to be the heart of the show. Taped at CBS studios in Los Angeles, The Late Late Show partners with 1iota, a ticket site, to give out free tickets to fans that would like to be part of the taping.

Before the taping started, the 1iota team had two lines for the general admission and the priority admission. Lucky for us, we had priority, which meant that we were the select few to sit in the very front, right by the stage.

The admission line took about an hour, which flew by, seeing as I was surrounded by friends. Once placed in what is called a “holding area”, where everyone sits before officially being let into the studio, there was more waiting. However, out of all the live tapings I have been a part of, The Late Late Show definitely had the quickest entrance into the studio with little waiting time.  

Once inside the studio, after the many flights of stairs, the priority ticket holders were escorted to the front of the studio and were placed cautiously due to how the audience would look on the television. One of my friends and I were placed in the very front row directly in front of where the host himself would be sitting. Needless to say, we were thrilled to be up close and personal with James Corden.

After the rest of the audience was escorted to their seats, the “hype man” for the show came out to welcome everyone and get us all excited about what was to come. Giving us a rundown of what was going to happen on the show today, he also mentioned the guests that would be on the show including, Neve Campbell, and Mark and Jay Duplass.

As he interacted with the guests, Corden kept the conversation fun and flowing with easy transitions into topics that involved Campbell as well as the Duplass brothers. The show’s live band even had the opportunity to ask the guests questions.

When the guests left, Corden recorded other little bits of the show involving a new segment entitled, “Side Effects May Include”, and even brought out BB-8 from Star Wars to sing a duet with the band’s lead singer.

Corden said a quick goodbye as the taping wrapped up and everyone was escorted out of the building getting quick little peeks into private offices and sets on the studio lot.

Seeing a live taping of a show is a once in a lifetime experience due to the fact that there is always something new to look forward to with each show. With the use of, fans are able to sign up for free tickets to see shows, performances, award shows and so much more all over the United States.


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