Record Store Day: a Black Friday for Vinyl Lovers


In the United States, the beginning of the holiday shopping season starts on November 28, or Black Friday. On this day, businesses all over the nation promote mass produced items at very low costs in hopes of getting consumers into their store.

The fine folks over at Record Store Day are doing just the opposite by supporting independent record stores and creating limited edition vinyls to be sold as special releases on Black Friday. The artists and musicians who are chosen to be released ranges from Eazy-E to Earth, Wind, and Fire.

For people familiar with Record Store Day and were wondering whether RSD’s take on Black Friday is the same, it isn’t. Record Store Day is a “holiday” of sorts where record stores sell special releases on one particular day. On RSD Black Friday, special releases made for the holiday season hit the racks, but they’re often available for more than one day. It’s up to the record store to decide how long they carry the release and whether they choose to sell it online.

Also, the number of releases is considerably smaller in comparison to the Record Store Day releases, but that’s not the point of RSD Black Friday. Instead, the RSD organizers state on their website that they want to “remind music fans about the gift of music at the kickoff of the holiday season."

"We will call it a victory if fewer cheap toasters and socks are given as gifts and more awesome music by some of the greatest artists of our time exchange hands.”

For those of you who are considering giving the gift of vinyl this season, consider these RSD Black Friday special releases:

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The Clash, The Clash – This is the band’s debut album and includes two of their top hits “London’s Burning” and “Police & Thieves." The limited edition vinyl has a beautiful split blue/white color and only 5,000 copies are being made!

  Courtesy of

 Courtesy of

Outkast, Stankonia – The fourth album by hip-hop duo Big Boi and Andre 3000 includes legendary tracks “Ms. Jackson” and “So Fresh, So Clean." The record is packed with songs, topping the track list at 24 tracks total. There are only 3,000 copies being made.

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Courtesy of

Various Artists, Garden State Soundtrack - The soundtrack for the critically acclaimed indie film starring Zach Braff and Natalie Portman is being pressed to vinyl for the second time in numbered copies of 3,000 with a limited edition color splash. The track list includes songs from artists such as The Shins and Iron & Wine.

There are two record stores in the Long Beach area that are participating in the RSD Black Friday festivities:

Third Eye Records is located on 2701 E. Fourth St. The shop is known for rare, obscure releases and capacity-capping live shows.

Fingerprints has been in the business of selling vinyl for over 20 years. Located at 420 E. Fourth St., the shop has been a host to some great musical acts like Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, Matt Costa, and The Kooks.

For a full list of the vinyl being released on RSD Black Friday, visit and contact your local record store to find out if they are carrying what you’re looking for.

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