Spring Break Shenanigans



Spring break has been cursed with the stigma of partying and going to exotic locations like Cabo or Cancun, but for me spring break is all about reuniting with family and friends at home. During the school year I live on campus, so I don’t have a lot of time to go back home to San Bernardino on the weekends.

My first day of break started on Friday. I got in the car to head home around 10 a.m. but for anyone who has experienced the 91 freeway, no matter what time of day you leave, there is always traffic. After two hours on the road I finally made it home and the first thing I did was drink a glass of tap water. The tap water at home tastes so much cleaner than the water in Long Beach or Los Angeles, so when I’m home I try to drink as much as possible.

Next on my list was to take my girlfriend shooting for the first time. I have been recreationally shooting since I was young and love introducing the activity to those willing to learn. My brother and I quickly packed up all of the gear and the three of us headed into the hills of San Bernardino to go shoot off a few rounds.

We got up there and right away my girlfriend was chomping at the bit to shoot the big guns, but we had her shoot a smaller rifle until she was comfortable with all of the safety rules that come with shooting guns. By the end of the shooting session, she was shooting the shotguns like a pro.

After a few hours of wasting ammunition, we went back home and waited for some friends to come over. I haven’t seen my friends for months because we all go to different schools around the country, but Friday night was a reunion of sorts.

It was a great time to hang out and relax with old friends and catch up on the happenings of each other’s lives. It's months since we were all together, but as we devoured five Little Caesar’s pizzas it felt as if we hadn’t missed a beat.

We stayed up all night talking, laughing, and playing darts in my backyard, and by Saturday morning my first day of break was complete.