Squirrels at The Beach



Imagine yourself walking to class. You park over in the structure next to the pyramid and start your walk. You are walking the path next to the track and hear some rustling in the bushes next to you. You try to ignore it, hoping it is not El Chupacabra, and keep walking. But the rustling follows you, until you look over to see what is causing the commotion. You slowly look over your shoulder, expecting to be dragged into a dark bushy abyss. However, when you see the culprit, you realize that what you were fearing was one of the beloved staples at CSULB – the squirrel.

The squirrels on campus have become a major focal point at CSULB. When Snapchat created a special Long Beach story, our squirrels were the main stars. In the words of communications major Danielle Dallas, “Their presence is entertaining, and they have become a prominent part of our school.”    

The squirrels on campus are extremely friendly, entertaining and, most importantly, hungry. You can find squirrels scavenging any trash can on campus. Art major Shannon O’Shaughnessy has seen these scavengers in action, “They always look so happy sitting on top of their trash cans without any cares in the world.” The squirrels are always waiting for those unattended snacks.

“Fearless,” another term that correctly describes our squirrels. CSULB women’s basketball guard Jewelyn Sawyer has had a few run-ins with our furry companions, “I love how they are so bold and they don't mind stepping up to you. They don't back down from anyone.” Our squirrels will even let us touch them.

Many students are inspired by the squirrels. A linguistics major, who would like to keep some mystique, started an Instagram page in their honor. @squirrelsofcsulb contains pictures and videos sent in by various students. Just another way we show love for our little squirrel homies.