Students Share How They Really Feel About Fall


Come late September in Southern California, most people rejoice in the idea of the unbearable summer heat slowly subsiding, and the thought of running through the leaves greeted by an easy, fall breeze. However, while others merely anticipate the cool days that the fall season brings, some give fall a whole new definition beyond the seasonal pumpkin-spiced delicacies that shows why it's arguably one of the most interesting times of the year.


1. A Fall Playlist

For 20-year-old Anna Tarajos, fall is the season to click on Spotify, peruse through the millions of songs available for streaming and simply embrace her playlist-making skills. "Last year I made a fall playlist with lots of Bon Iver and City in Color," Tarajos said, a communications major at Cal State Long Beach. "There's just something about fall that makes me want to listen to calmer music." Indeed, there is something unusual about the calm, fall air that makes even the simplest activities feel worthwhile.


2. Family Traditions

Guillermo Vazquez, on the other hand, is a 26-year-old computer engineering major who takes a trip to San Diego with his dad every year to go fishing. Fishing has become a tradition for Vazquez and his father, and something that the CSULB student is looking forward to again this season. “My dad and I have been going fishing since I was five,” Vazquez said, “and fall is one the best seasons to go fishing because there are a lot of fish you can catch during the fall."


3. Season of Changes

Fall is the last full season before the new year arrives, and for women’s studies major Jennifer Soto, fall is the season that epitomizes change. “There’s this smell in the warm breezes right before the weather gets rainy, cold, and crisp,” said Soto. “I can’t explain it, but I can always tell the change is occurring.”


4. A Kodak Moment Scenery

Leaves changing colors and the afternoon sun radiating through a window are a sight to behold during fall, and such phenomena are some of the few natural things that give fall a Kodak moment vibe, worthy of a dozen likes on Instagram. English literature major Erik Pasternak, 29, said leaves dropping from the trees are one of the things he enjoys about fall, calling the sight “serene and calming.”



5. Style

While the summer heat can make people feel limited in their sartorial choices, the same way the winter weather can restrain people in peacoats, the fall weather gives enough room for a proper amount of clothing. Like a Taylor Swift song, flannels, cardigans, and jackets never go out of style. And as people switch out of their tank tops and short-sleeved shirts in favor of layers and variety of other pieces, hints of their personalities also shine through, making fall one of the best seasons to show off personal style and identity.


6. Fall like Rain

Hanim Kuzu, a 23-year-old double major in English and economics, is a foreign exchange student from Germany who remembers fall in her country as nothing but a season full of rain. “It's cold and windy back there during fall,” Kuzu said. “I remember the rain, always the rain, and everything else is leafless.”


7. Wait, What’s Fall?

Unlike the rainy fall weather in Germany, the weather in California can sometimes feel repetitive and dry—forever stuck in an 80-degree dilemma—leaving others to question the existence of other seasons. "There's no fall,” said Jennie Ramirez, a 32-year-old double major in philosophy and geography. “Where is fall? My mom's tree doesn't even turn colors anymore. It's confused. It usually changes every September, October, and now it does it around May or June. It's confused."