Where CSULB Students Spend Spring Break


Spring break is drawing near for us Cal State Long Beach students and it really, really can’t come soon enough. With many finishing up their midterms, students are anxious for the break and some are meticulously planning out their vacation to spend it meaningfully. As the old saying goes “to each his own,” many students are scheduling their own ideal spring break to enjoy the week-long vacation.

Freshman computer engineering major, Shannon Chen, said she will be heading to Santa Cruz for her week off.

“Whenever there’s a break, I can’t stand myself doing nothing at home,” Chen said. Being an outdoor person, Chen said she already has a few activities planned for her break with friends. She and her group will camp out for the first night and spend the next day surfing and hiking. They are also eager to try seafood for dinner, which is part of what Santa Cruz is famous for.

“We’re going to do a lot of things,” Chen said.  “I’m way too excited.”

Many students await the upcoming break anxiously as a chance to have some fun and do things that they usually do not get to see or do. However for Linda Meng, spring break is an opportunity to make a profit. Meng, a Japanese major in her junior year, is enrolled in five classes this semester, barely giving herself enough time to work and earn money.

“I just don’t have the time usually, so it’s a rare occasion for me,” Meng said. Students with flexible work schedules and no big plans on spring break can focus on working to earn some cash for future spending. “It’s not fun, but I like to think it will be worth it,” she said.

Students often plan spring breaks according to their interests, and that goes for the alcohol connoisseurs as well. Mechanical engineering major in his senior year, Motonari Yamamori is planning to make a trip to Bernardo Winery in San Diego with his friends.

“We’re all drunks that love to drink on any given opportunity,” Yamamori said. “It’s a chance for us to drink something actually good for once in awhile, unlike the usual ones we drink at parties.”

Located about an hour and a half from Long Beach, Bernardo Winery is the oldest operating winery in Southern California that provides wine tasting and assortments of food among other services and events.

For Louise Andersen, this spring break will be a memorable one. Andersen, an international student from Denmark, is spending her spring break in Hawaii. Andersen and her four roommates, also from Denmark, will be visiting the Aloha State for the first time ever. Citing that a flight to Hawaii from Denmark would take more than 24 hours, Andersen used to see Hawaii as an “unreachable” place, but studying abroad has brought her close enough now to make the trip.

Spring break is the perfect chance to utilize your time to experience events you previously thought was impossible. Andersen took this opportunity to visit the “exotic place” that she has never been.

She and her roommates will stay at a hotel in Waikiki for the entire week sitting back and enjoying the breeze of the islands, she said. “I am just excited to just go and be there.”

It’s not too late for students who still have no plans. There are various locations in southern California that are optimal for spring break, and they’re mostly within driving distance. A popular choice is San Francisco, where travelers go for the the scenery, nightlife, historic sights and cruises. Many also visit Salvation Mountain, located 3 hours and a half from Long Beach, to experience the visionary and the biblical message of love. Maybe even travel out of state if you are feeling extra adventurous: Las Vegas has historically been a prominent vacation site for frisky Californians 21 years and over, and the nature lovers can also make an extended trip to Grand Canyon. So pack up, gather friends and have a spontaneous trip to make the best out of your break.