Be Your Own Designer

DIY Fashion Tips to Reclaim Your Closet & Your Wallet 


DIY (Do It Yourself) has become an increasingly popular trend despite its introduction to the masses in the 1970s when it simply involved the renovation of older homes. It’s especially big in the college community because, well, we have no money and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper to scrounge up your household scraps and make it yourself than go and spend your paycheck on something other than rent. Oh, and I guess the pride and satisfaction of creating something with your own hands is cool, too. Thanks to the internet, the recipes for everything you could ever want to learn to make are right at your fingertips. Fashion products are some of the best things to DIY since they are more expensive luxuries, but are often overlooked because most people assume you need to be a professional seamstress. Luckily, that’s not the case. Provided are some DIY fashion hacks that will save you money and leave you looking fresh.

DIY Eco-Friendly Shirt Dye

This video shows you how to dye clothing without using any chemicals. There are tons of natural dyes you can use, ranging from fruits to roots. This video utilizes strawberries to create a light pink finish. This website provides a list of different natural dyes at your disposal and their effects. It shows you not only how to help yourself, but also how to help the environment in the process.

DIY Distressed Jeans

This YouTuber outlines two different way to construct a distressed jeans look. The video is very quick and simple, solely using items you will most likely be able to find around the house. No need to buy $100 ripped jeans, this girl has your back. If you enjoy her videos, you can check out more of her work at her website.

DIY Bodysuit

You can easily transform an old or underused tank top into a chic bodysuit with the help of this DIY video. The process is about as quick as it gets and this YouTuber gives you the best tips on accuracy and proficiency. You can watch more of her videos at her YouTube channel.

DIY Chokers

This YouTuber gives you not one, but five different styles of chokers to make at home. She creates chokers from lace, washi tape, an old top, shoelace, and a waist tie. Most, if not all, of these things can be found at home and the assembly is straightforward and effortless. You can check out more of her videos at her YouTube channel.