Easy DIY Halloween Costumes


It seems the spirit of Halloween is rapidly declining due to the outrageous costume prices. Many of us have wandered into pop-up Halloween stores in search of a banger outfit for a fun night of candy begging and ghostly encounters only to find that a tiny slab of fabric costs way more than it should. The corporate world is turning a childhood favorite holiday upside down by charging an arm and leg for cheap polyester in the name of capitalism and that’s not okay.

Rest assured, you don’t need to be a trust-fund baby to enjoy Halloween. Here are some quick and easy costumes you can whip up with the basics in your closet and a few inexpensive crafting supplies:

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday is definitely a creepy classic. You can bask in the Halloween spirit all while looking cute at the same time. If you want to dress like her to the T, all you need is a black shift dress with long sleeves over a white flat collared dress shirt paired with over-the-knee black socks or opaque stockings. In all honesty, any little black dress and white shirt will do, so feel free to show off a little personal style. Wednesday’s defining features are her braids and constant frown so part your hair in plaits, smear some dark lipstick on and you’re good to go.

Victoria’s Secret Angel

We’ve all seen, admired, and drooled over the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Who knew how easy it’d be to be one of the angels? Complete your look with a satin night robe and a pair of costume wings you can DIY using a cardboard cutout of two wings, hot glue, and a hefty bag of feathers. Loop two strings through a hole of each of your wings and you can simply wear it over your back. Depending on the occasion, you can also dress it up with a pair of heels for the full look.

Regina George from Mean Girls

For those who want an easily recognizable costume from pop culture, this one is definitely something you can do in less than ten minutes. To replicate Regina’s outfit, simply cut holes in a white tank top, just like Cady Heron did. Wear it over any mini skirt and purple bra and voila, you are Regina George.


Sometimes, the best part of Halloween is making a costume unique to your personality and style rather than buying something you’ll probably find on someone else at a party. This loofah costume is cute, quirky and definitely a conversation starter. You will need a strapless dress, approximately 16 yards of tulle fabric, hot glue and some ribbon stringed faux pearls. To start off, simply glue your tulle horizontally in large chunks until the entire dress is covered. Then, use your ribbon or any decorative string to loop through the top-middle of your loofah, imitating a halter collar.