Men's Fall Fashion


Although fall began over two weeks ago, looking at the weather recently would indicate otherwise. Here in Southern California, the “broken record” of summer only briefly pauses to offer a cool, spring-type temperature serving as a “fall” and “winter.” This unseasonably warm weather can be challenging to dress for– even for guys.

Josh Han

Josh Han

“You can’t just depend on, 'Like, I can always wear a jacket,’” communications major Josh Han said. “Sometimes you [gotta] be prepared for those days where it’s suddenly raining and the next day it’s stupid hot.”

His advice for dealing with the nontraditional four seasons? “Just be adaptable. Be ready for everything.”

Han describes his personal style as “professional but comfortable,” opting for button-ups, joggers and Sperry shoes as some of his mainstay favorites.

In the fall, he typically gravitates toward more minimal colors--  preferring neutrals such as navy, gray, toffee, with the notable exception of black that he mostly reserves for the winter. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of strategic layering.

“I see people with a whole mess of jackets and sweaters and scarves and nothing matches, and it’s like a mosh pit of rainbows," Han said. 
"It doesn’t work out very well." 

Tony Nguyen

Tony Nguyen

Art major Tony Nguyen pointed out that it isn’t enough to simply rely on a single outerwear piece and call it a day. He describes the struggle of not being able to wear some of his favorite traditional fall pieces because of the heat.

“See, I bought this baller ass trench coat, right?” said Nguyen. "And I can’t wear it because it’s so damn hot, and it’s not raining." 

Instead, Nguyen rings in the new season by playing with his accessories, particularly hats.

“I’ve been wearing hats, like, nonstop,” he said. “Scarves are tricky because, again, it’s just been way too hot for that.”

Nael Al-Kindi

Nael Al-Kindi

Smart layering is also the name of the game for Nael Al-Kindi, junior mechanical engineering major.

“I think guys should be more open to the leggings-and-shorts combo. [It] looks good and it’s comfortable,” said Al-Kindi, who has been a fan of the look for two years now.

While his style veers more toward the experimental, adding that he would wear a male crop top in the right environment, he highlights the idea of wearing what makes you feel best.

Southern California’s unseasonably warm and ever-changing weather is as unique as each of these three men’s styles, and it’s anybody’s guess what the next day holds in store weather-wise.

“If you like what you’re wearing, wear what you like,” said Al-Kindi.

That’s advice we can get on board with all yearlong.