Top 5 Essentials for Surviving Coachella in Style


The only thing more important than the incredible lineup at Coachella nowadays is what you wear to Coachella. The three-day festival in Indio, Calif. Has become an event where people go to see and be seen. It’s a place where dressing up has become an artform in itself with floral crowns, bright patterns and much more. You already know to bring hoards of sunscreen and and you’ve been planning your outfit ever since you bought your tickets months ago. But what about accessories? It’s important to make comfort your priority when planning your outfit. In order to make it through three days of great music, high temperatures, and endless partying requires items that are both useful and will add to your festival fashion.

Here are the top five items you’ll need for your festival weekend that will be your little life savers and keep you fashionable.

Bandana: You might look like you’re ready to rob a bank in an old Western movie, but at least the bandana will help you get through any dust storms that could happen over the weekend. You can also use it to help you cool by soaking it in water and resting it on your head or neck to keep you refreshed.

Power bank: You’ll be using your phone quite a bit over the weekend to snap your favorite performances or Instagram your #ootd. Make a power bank add on as an accessory to your outfit while you need to charge your phone. Getting one in a variety of colors or print can help make it more discrete.

Hand sanitizer carrier: Bringing hand sanitizer is a must to help you keep clean over the weekend. You’ll be sweating under the sun, dust will be flying through the air and let’s not discuss bathroom situations. Grab a little carrier to attach it on your bag or belt look to add a little style and help keep your hands clean.

Kimono or light sweater: Despite the scorching temperature it will be during the day, it drops down in the evening. After you’re done using your bandana from dust storms during the day, you can rely on a light sweater to keep you warm from the night.

Fanny pack: Yes, these handy dandy bags are making a comeback and will be your favorite item all weekend. They’re just about the perfect size to pack your essentials but won’t feel heavy.

No matter what your fashion choice is for Coachella, don’t forget these necessities to help you get through the fun-filled weekend. Be cool, be safe, and have fun!