10 Things EVERY College Student Should Do Before Graduating


With graduation just around the corner, I realized I have not crossed off many of the things from my college bucket list. College is supposed to be the time where you venture off and explore both the inside and outside of a classroom. When you start college you probably think “four years is a long time” but the reality is that those four year will go by so fast and before you know it, you will be walking across the graduation stage. And when you look back at your college years, it should be filled with unforgettable memories and not with regrets about the things you did not do or achieved.

So whether you are just starting out as a freshman or are a senior getting ready to graduate soon, every college student should have a bucket list that embodies the college experience. Here are 10 things every college student should do before picking up their diploma and heading off into the real world.

1.  Walk through the entire campus: Have you taken the time to explore your entire campus? If you haven’t, spend a day exploring, you never know what you might discover. Chances are you might have missed some spots worth noting.

2.  Attend a sporting event: Even if you’re not a sports fan, attending a sporting event is a must in college. Show your school spirit by cheering on your school at a baseball, volleyball or basketball game. This is a great chance to have fun with friends and go all decked out in school gear.

3.  Attend college festivals: Take advantage of the college festivals thrown on campus. These festivities can include a wide range of festivals from concerts, guest speakers, diversity week, and so much more.

4.  Attend a job & internship fair: While you are having fun and enjoying your time in college, do not forget to build your resume! Attend a job and internship fair to learn how to better prepare yourself for when the time comes to apply for jobs. Completing internships during your college years is another bonus because you can gain professional skills and experience for prospective jobs.

5.  Go to a fraternity party: Everybody has their own opinions when it comes to Fraternities, but attending a Frat party, at least once, is a must. Go with a couple of friends and enjoy the celebrations.

6.  Attend a live performance: Do not forget to support the visual and performing arts on your campus. Attend an art show, dance recital and a theater performance. A lot of time and energy are put into these events and supporting the arts on campus are just as important as the sporting events.

7.  Take a road trip off campus: As cheesy as it seems, taking an off campus road trip should be something you do before graduating. Just take a couple of friends and hit the road to an exciting destination. It doesn’t even have to be a place far away, all that matters is that you have fun and create memories that you never forget.  

8.  Join a club: Perhaps the one of the easiest ways to make friends on campus is by joining a few clubs. There are various clubs and organizations that you can join and this can also create the opportunity to explore your interests and passions.

9.  Attend a music festival: Whether it is Coachella, Stagecoach, HARD Summer or any festival, attending a music festival is a life changing experience. These festivals have the power to bring people together and you can connect with many through the power of music.   

10.  Study abroad: If you have the opportunity to study abroad during your college years, do it! Studying abroad is a lifetime experience that has many benefits. Experience a foreign culture, learn a new language and make friends from all around the world. Studying abroad will make you become a global minded person and open many career opportunities.