Campus Organization Raises Awareness During National Hazing Prevention Week

Students are always skeptical of joining clubs and organizations on college campuses because of the fear of hazing–defined as an action imposed on a person that causes embarrassment and puts them at emotional risk and/or physical harm.

The National Study of Student Hazing reported 55 percent of students in colleges and universities involved in clubs, sports teams and organizations have experienced hazing.

The Gamma Theta chapter of Sigma Kappa at CSULB dedicated this past week of Sept. 19 to 23 as an opportunity to advocate anti-hazing in the community. RESPΣΚT Week, created by Sigma Kappa, is a program that was established in 2005 as a way to remind members of any organization to honor and empower each others opposed to demoralizing one another.

“It’s a way to better ourselves, others and our communities by building self-esteem, eliminating bullying and hazing–understanding the consequences of risky behavior and focusing on our core values,” said Courtney Yamagiwa, Sigma Kappa Vice President of Programming. “We work hard to educate our members through a variety of workshops, activities and resources to be used year-round.”

Sigma Kappa aims to raise awareness on this issue among every organization on campus in order to promote a safe and enjoyable environment for students.

To  achieve this, the group hosted a public relations event on Sept. 21 at Beach Walk, where members handed out candy with attached notes reminding others to not participate in hazing in attempts to raise awareness, according to Nancy Lopez, sophomore and Public Relations Chair of Sigma Kappa.

The members of Sigma Kappa hope that the event was able to ease the worries of those hesitant to join organizations because of hazing.

The infographic shown on the right provides more information and offers resources to those who feel they are being hazed.

Happy National Hazing Prevention Week!