Ennovy Bowman: The Woman Who Gets It Done


Marketing manager. Events manager. Program director. Full-time student.

These are just some of the jobs Ennovy Bowman holds down at the college radio station, KBeach Radio. Aside from bringing the student body an eclectic and diverse music selection, she is also an assistant manager at the Body Shop, a beauty supply store.

While adding a full load of courses to that may seem unimaginable to some, Bowman carries 16 units this semester. She majors in journalism with an emphasis in public relations and a double-minor in marketing and communications.

“I’m always running,” Bowman joked. “Like, I live in my car.” 

A typical day for the busy-body includes skipping breakfast, working at KBeach in between classes, closing and opening the Body Shop store and taking lots of naps. Bowman said she’s gotten four to five hours of sleep per night her whole college career, but she couldn’t imagine her life without the chaos.

“At this point, I don’t even know what I’d do if I was to have a lot of free time,” she said. “I feel like it would be too weird for me.”

Adjusting to college life and holding essentially four jobs was just the tip of the iceberg for Bowman. She learned the true definition of responsibility faster than most — buying her first car with no cosigner, providing for her family with a Long Beach apartment of her own and maintaining her status as a full-time student are all testaments to her “taste of adulthood.” However, her biggest and most rewarding responsibility is serving as a role model for her younger cousins and siblings.

“In a lot of ways they look up to me,” she said. “I’m the first one straight out of high school to go to college, especially a four-year university. It may seem like a lot of heavy weight to some, but it’s one of the main reasons why I do keep going.”

Bowman’s perseverance and dedication could land her many places, but she hopes to find herself working as a public-relations specialist in the entertainment industry.

As overwhelming as her college experience may have been, Bowman refused to give up. 

“I knew I couldn’t slow down,” she said, as her gentle laughter grew to silence. “I knew I had to just pick up and keep going, because if I didn’t, all the accomplishments that I had thus far would’ve been in vain, and I don’t want that.”

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