My Story in a Playlist: How Did I Get Here?


What started as a very fun, carefree fling turned into a stressful, exhausting ball of pain. I just wanted to have fun, while he wanted something more. However, as time passed, the roles were reversed and I began thinking to myself “how did I get here?” It’s easy for someone to say “forget about him” until you’re in that moment trying to figure out what you and him are doing. I tried to create something out of nothing, but it was just that: nothing. After the crushing reality sets in, it stung for a little bit. That’s just something everyone has to deal with. After I let it sting, I was open to receive the greatest change. I allowed myself the love and healing that I deserved.

While the road to self-discovery and self-love is long and trying, it brings out the best qualities in everyone. You find yourself questioning your best qualities and assets when you’re matched with people who weren’t made for you. While asking these questions about what you don’t have or how you could be a better fit for someone is when you discover that these were the wrong questions to begin with. If I ever decide to be in a relationship with someone, it’s because I find them worthy, not because they find me worthy. I know my worth, and I don’t look for validation in anyone but myself. Validation is for parking.

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