Pretty Potties


Long Beach State has some of the most interesting ladies rooms. If you walk into the restroom on the second floor of the USU, just past Coffee Bean, you’ll notice the vanities framed by beaming round bulbs that make you feel like an old school movie star. There are even chalk boards in the stalls that are so handy when you have a message for the lady in line behind you or feel like practicing your drawing skills before you run to your next class. There are restrooms of varying pastel colors too. If you go into the ladies room on the fourth floor of the Vivian Engineering Center, a light pink-tiled restroom with perky pink stalls awaits. And in the ladies room across from the Liberal Arts 2 building, a minty green-tiled restroom is spacious enough for you and your friends to study for your midterm.

Unfortunately only about half of the students at Long Beach State are allowed to see the curiosities that are the ladies’ rooms. It’s like an exclusive club – only females can enter and there is usually a long line out the door just to get in.  In this photo essay, I have captured some ladies in the midst of their daily routines. Some of them are taking their time with friends – after all it is a REST room – and others are too busy thinking about their next lecture.

The average person spends the equivalent of 1 ½ years in the bathroom, so why not spend that wisely? Take some personal time and properly freshen up before you leave the restrooms from the 1970s. Here’s hoping the gentlemen’s room is just as cool as ours.

Special thanks to Michelle Abramson, Xenia Andrews, Robin Daly, Michalla Geer, Dyana Ramzy, Eden Soluna and Sky Vavonese for being awesome and volunteering their Saturday morning for this shoot.