DIG GLOBALLY: The Awakening of a Sociocultural Global Awareness


There’s so much happening around the world, and the only way to be more well-versed is to be a global citizen, traveling from one place to another all the time.

Travelers roam the world with excitement, waiting to be surprised and changed for the better. Through their travels, they find the journey to be the true treasure rather than the destination itself – learning from the people around them and becoming more active in the global world.

Global awareness is the ability to understand concepts that impact the world. This has included political, environmental and economic relations, but there is so much more to this world and its impactions than these subjects. Unique cultural aspects of society sew the world together in what can only be described as humanity. In these aspects are the abstract – music, art, communication, architecture, values – unspoken interactions of our world that can only be understood by travel and presence. Simply put, get up and get out with an open mind.

Be the traveler that roams, slowly awakening from each abstract characteristic you encounter.

Suzan Al-Shammari is about to finish up her first semester as a transfer student majoring in communications at Cal State Long Beach. She is the community outreach coordinator for the University Honors Program Student Association and serves with the value of an inclusive global perspective. As an Iraqi native and fluent in two languages, she believes global awareness includes heritage and the exposition of different ideologies, “Being open and willing to be exposed to all that each culture has to offer," she said.

Communications majors know best the difference between verbal and nonverbal communication and its contribution toward a societal culture across both generations and regions.

Time may be the greatest measurement you can take. Its indefinite moments hold events in esteem. Between your time and your mother's lies a gap; a portion of space that was once represented by big hair, lava lamps, jukeboxes, Beatlemania, etc., becoming the definition of a decade. The culture of that society lives on, if not in the present, in remembrance. Like the current times, new trends and passions constitute sociocultural facets. Within these abstract details are the makeup of a global awareness that creates a well-versed citizen traveling from one place to another through time.

In the year of 2017, I will be traveling – the most I've ever traveled – to new places and familiar ones. But my experiences are going to be different than the ones I've had in the past because I'm traveling as a global citizen, with an open mind – digging globally with the hope of becoming more well-versed by going from one place and abstract aspect to the next.