Spring Break: A Girl and Her Dog

Spring break is usually associated with parties, drinking, going to the beach, and anything else average college students like to do during vacation. For some, it's the best way to relax, like staying in and binge watching Chopped. My spring break consisted of the latter, as well as hanging out with my amazing dog, Nacho. 

Most people with dogs will say they are their best friends. I never question it because dogs exude friendliness and love. Nacho truly is my best friend and being with him is my favorite thing in the world.

My first semester at CSULB, I moved out to Long Beach and went home to the San Fernando Valley on weekends. This was hard for me because I couldn't be with Nacho everyday. It turned out it was hard for him too. One week, my sister called me to tell me he was acting weird and wanted to take him to the vet. The vet told her that the separation from me was causing him to be depressed. That made me decide to move back home, get a Prius, and make the hour and some commute to school so that I could be with Nacho everyday. I don't really know anyone who would do that for their dog.

This is mainly why my spring break was so enjoyable and peaceful. I was able to spend almost every waking moment with him and that is especially important to me since he is eight years old and is reaching old age. My week off consisted of watching Netflix all day with Nacho by my side, playing with him in our little backyard, and taking him for walks around the neighborhood.

Nacho's been with me since he was three months old and every aspect of his personality is so unique to him. Everyday he does something to make me laugh, even when he does things he's not supposed to, like getting into the trash. I was so glad to have spent my week off with him and every day I look forward to coming home from school and watching him go crazy when I walk through the door.