On Tinder, A Second Shot at Love


I've tried using Tinder in the past, but had no luck in finding a man that wanted something other than a one-night stand, a hook-up, or a Disneyland princess. I removed the app from my phone and soon found myself in a terrible year-long relationship. However, after breaking up with my ex, I decided to give the match-making app one more chance. 

The second time, I had been using Tinder pretty seriously and ended up on a few innocent dates; one of which led to meeting my boyfriend, and officially deleting the app.

I nonchalantly swiped him right, finding his pictures with friends to be cute and funny, and before I knew it, we matched. Initially I was not fully interested based on his goofy, short bio profile. However, after some conversation and the discussion of exchanging our favorite books, I decided to go on one date with him.

I hate being in an unfamiliar place with an unfamiliar person, but since we both enjoyed playing billiards, we decided to meet at a local pool hall. I arrived, met him, exchanged books, and played pool. Overall, it was a pretty decent date. I especially liked that he showed his interest while never trying to "score points." He did, however, score points by winning a few games of pool.

Fast forward to end of the date: the departure. Once he asked if he could see me again, I invited him to my place the next day for a 4th of July get-together with friends. No kiss, just a firm, long hug and a wave goodbye.

Fourth of July, and he arrived. We started talking and connecting more, my friends loved him, and he had great taste in beer. Everyone had a fun time and it came to be the end of the celebration. Friends were passed out on the couch and people started to leave one by one.

I struggled in deciding whether or not I would ask him to stay the night. But since the night had been going so well, I decided I should.

So I did. And to my surprise, that night he proved to be a gentleman once more.

That night was the highlight of my year. We stayed up late talking, cuddling and kissing. And it was more than enough.

After that night we continued seeing one another, and about a week and a half later we became exclusively boyfriend and girlfriend. Looking back at it now, it seems we have moved fast, but none of it felt fast during the time. Rather, it felt right.

To this day, we always remind one another how amazed and blessed we are to have found one another on such an app as Tinder. We are open about how we met, and our friends still enjoy the story, too.

Four supportive months later, we continue to find ourselves discovering one another. We are in love, still share books and play billiards together every other week.