Tinderella: A Horror Story that Turned into a Fairy Tale

After about a year going back and forth, downloading and deleting, I finally stuck it out. I gave myself a one month trial on Tinder, just to “see what’s out there.” I racked up about 100 matches, had about 50 men in my inbox and went on three unsuccessful dates before I met Pat.

Our first date turned out to be an absolute mess.

We met over the weekend at a bar on 2nd Street in Long Beach in early July. In the course of two hours, from 9 p.m. to a little before 11 p.m., we had a couple drinks too many, made out, argued and the date ended when I stormed off in an angry tantrum for pretty much no reason.

I left to a friend’s house nearby to finish off my night. She asked me how my date went, I told her it went sour and that I had no intention of seeing that jerk ever again!

In the next hour, I looked down at my phone and saw I had a message from Pat: “Hey! Sorry about whatever I did to make you mad. If you’re not too mad, I would like to see you again.”

It didn’t make sense. I had acted like a total brat and had purposely sabotaged our date, but somehow this guy wanted to see me again? I thought, this guy must be crazier than I am!

With my head held high and a stuck-out lip, I declined his offer.

“You’re cute and all, but I think I’ll pass.”

After a bad break up and two years of being single, I had found a good and handsome man who wanted to get to know me and my first instinct was to run away. Even after all that foolish and embarrassing behavior, this man was giving me a second chance! Now what on Earth had I done to deserve that? Yet there I was, still acting foolish, with a false sense of pride rejecting him.

How could I even face him again after all that childish behavior?

When I had joined Tinder a month earlier, I thought to myself, no more games, time to find something new. A beautiful opportunity was throwing itself at me, time to get it together!

I mulled this over for a few minutes, swallowed my pride, took a deep a breath and messaged Pat.

“Ok,” I said. “Let’s meet again.”

The next morning he messaged me. He asked me what time I would be off work and if I wanted to go out bowling later that night. I agreed.

We spent that weekend together and have been together ever since.

I don’t know how he does it, but his unconditional love amazes me. It’s been just six months and our future looks brighter everyday. I definitely set the tone for our relationship that night. I still give Pat a hard time like I did on our first date, but his patience is slowly but surely wearing me down.

I know I didn’t make the best first impression, but I know I did something right!