Candlelight Workout for Two


Set aside those chocolate boxes from Valentine’s Day.

Although dark chocolate can be a delicious source of antioxidants, exercising with your partner or a friend will discharge feel-good endorphins that can lead a healthier relationship. Not only is it benefiting your body, but you are building chemistry with your partner as well. Additionally, partnering up has shown it can boost extra motivation for one another.

“Partner exercises are good for camaraderie, encouragement, and accountability,” said Lindsay Del Rossi, a personal trainer and fitness instructor at CSULB’s Student Recreation and Wellness Center. “It makes the workout a lot more fun, and time flies when you are with a friend or family member.”

Here are five partner exercises for you to try with your sweetheart or your best friend:

Squat Jump: 

You will need two resistance bands for this exercise. Resistance bands can be beneficial since it allows you to perform strength training without the weights. The bands are inexpensive and can perform a full body workout. Stand facing each other, with each person holding one end of each resistance band, arms extended straight out. The band should have some light tension in it. Maintaining the position of your arms, both partners should squat by sending hips back, bending knees, keeping core tight, and lowering. In unison, partners jump up, maintaining band tension and arm position.Land lightly on toes, and immediately lower again. Repeat for 8 to 12 reps.


Tricep Dips: 

tricep dips.JPG

Partner A will lay flat on the ground with their knees up. Partner B will place both of their hands on Partner A’s knees facing the same direction Partner A is facing. Partner B will then dip down.  Repeat 8 to 12 reps, and then switch roles. Good posture for each partner is imagine you are sitting a chair on air, and slowly dipping down. making sure each partner is sitting  



Both partners will face each other on push-up position. You will both go down for one pushup and when going back up, both partners will high five each other. Repeat for 10 to 12 reps.


Lunge and Full-Body Rotation:

Stand side-by-side, each person holding one end of the resistance band with both hands. Stand far enough apart so there is light tension in the band. Simultaneously lunge forward with your outside leg (right leg for the person on the right, left leg for the person on the left), and sink into a lunge with both knees bent about 90 degrees, core tight, and back straight. From the bottom of your lunge, holding the band, rotate away from each other, keeping abs tight and only twisting the upper body (no pressure on the low back). Rotate back to center, push back up to start, and repeat 8 to 12 reps before switching sides.


Medicine Ball Sit-ups:

 Both partners will get in a sit up position facing each other. Both partners will go on their back and stretch out their core. One of the partner will have the medicine ball while stretching and when coming up the medicine ball is tossed to the other partner. Repeat for 12 to 15 reps.


Band Sprints:

Loop a resistance band around your partner's waist and hold each ends in both hands. For stability, brace your core, bend knees slightly, and send hips back. The partner will sprint forward until the resistance band is tight and perform 30 seconds of high-knees, or sprinting in place. Slowly jog backwards to return to start position and switch roles.