Afters Ice Cream has Officially Arrived in Long Beach


Afters Ice Cream had its grand opening on Labor Day Monday at its new location on East 7th Street. This shop takes ice cream sandwiches in a new direction by replacing the traditional cookie exterior with donut halves- known as the Milky Bun.

Intrigued by the idea of marrying a donut with ice cream and having never been to a grand opening before I was excited to sample the local flavors. Five friends decided to join me on this calorific experience, and so we set out to get our sweet treats right around opening time at 7pm.

Little did we know going into this that our greatest struggle would not be in deciding which of 24 flavors to select but rather getting into the store itself. The normally tranquil shopping center was alive with people as a car show coincided with the grand opening- a combination playfully referred to as "Cars and Carbs".

The line for the shop stretched around the corner with some customers waiting over an hour but most said it was well worth the time.

Customers were able to savor their ice cream right outside the shop where a DJ kept the energy levels high.

The most popular flavor of the night was undoubtedly Cookie Monster - a bright blue vanilla flavor mixed with cookie chunks. A close second was Jasmine Milk tea, an exotic flavor with floral tea notes.

Most people opted to envelop their ice cream with a warm glazed Milky Bun, but several others chose to enjoy theirs in cups or waffle cones, claiming the donut was overwhelmingly sweet for them.

Regardless of whether you opt to go the Milky Bun route or choose to forego it, this simple dessert concept will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Some unique combinations worth trying include:

- Triple C with chocolate chips

- Cookie Monster with Fruity Pebbles

- Jasmine Milk Tea with Cinnamon Toast Crunch

- Milk and Cereal with Corn Flakes

- Churro with Captain Crunch

The Milky Bun costs $5, which includes one scoop of ice cream and one topping. Otherwise the price ranges from $3.50 for a single scoop to $6 for three.

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