Pizza ‘round the Beach!


Pizza has been around since 997 AD, but why has it remained so high in popularity amongst other foods?

Simple It’s quick, easy and affordable!

Pepperoni and cheese or a simple combination can suffice, but why not try some of the most “unusual” pizzas in Long Beach that are fit for your budgets?

Here are some unique places in Long Beach that will satisfy your cravings:

Thai Curry Pizza & Thai Food
929 Redondo Ave., Long Beach, CA 90804

Have you ever felt guilty for not eating your vegetables? Being a college student may make it difficult to satisfy all food-category requirements in the food pyramid, especially when you’re on a budget and can’t afford to eat healthy. This family-owned shop can satisfy your needs.

“We have been around for 15 years and are mostly known for our Thai Curry Pizza and Tom Yum Pizza,” pizza maker James Phom said. “The owners will sometimes give out free Thai tea for students who make big orders.”

This place also offers vegetarian and tofu options of its well-known specialties if you are not feeling like a carnivore.

The workers and regular customers are also very friendly and make you feel welcome the moment you step inside. This place is cash only, but an ATM will be available shortly!

Deli News Pizza
5555 Stearns St. Ste 104, Long Beach, CA 90815

If you’re near campus and are in the mood for an energetic, lively atmosphere with beers on draft to pair nicely with your pizza, this is the place for you.

You can order a pizza per slice if you’re not feeling so hungry. Deli News Pizza has a variety of items on its menu, including a delicious Seafood Combo Pizza, served with a marinara base, layers of tomatoes, cheese, bell peppers, onions and shrimp.

If you’re also in the mood for a special pasta, the store has daily specials to load up your carb cravings.

Lazy to get out of your house? You can order through the Postmates app and have this delicious pizza ready to be delivered at your door.

1837 E. 7th St., Long Beach, CA 90813

Here’s a pizza that is made for college students  Mac and Cheese Pizza. These are the two simplest things that anyone can make (or purchase). If you’re craving a marinara cheese pizza and mac and cheese, you will definitely fall in love with this pizza. Every Sunday, Pizzanista offers this unique pizza.

Vegans, they also offer a special version of this pizza that will satisfy your diet!

They are premade and ready to go by the time you come in, so, if you’re in a rush, it will take only a few minutes until your pizza is ready.

Each pizza is so unique that employees can’t even point out the “most popular” flavor. It has a welcoming, cozy atmosphere and spacious seating if you want to come with a large group.

7th Street Pizza
1430 E. 7th St., Long Beach, CA 90813

Feeling Mexican? Feeling seafood? Can’t decide?

You can order half-and-half pizzas at this location. If you’re struggling to decide on what to get, 7th Street Pizza offers the best of both worlds.

This place is most popular for its Mexican, Love Burrito and Italian Shrimp Ceviche Pizza.

7th Street Pizza has been around for only two-and-a-half months, but so far business has been booming thanks to its unique pizza flavors.

Have no fear friends this place accepts cards! It also has a deal with mobile app Yelp EAT24, an app that allows people to order for delivery, that grants $2 off your next purchase with a promo code.


Michael’s Pizzeria
210 E. 3rd St. Ste C, Long Beach CA 90802

If you’re ever craving seafood pasta with clams, shrimp, octopus and Calabrian chili while you have pizza on your mind, why not try some Fruitti Di Mare pizza?

Yes, this thin crust pizza actually has shellfish and actual clams on top! Customers rave for the freshness and tenderness of the seafood on this pizza.

There is an indoor and patio setting here, so if you’re ever thinking of a pizza date, the atmosphere here would be great. This place pledges to serve its customers a pizza as similar to one from Naples, Italy itself!

The pizzeria also has a large selection of wine, if you’re feeling a bit fancy, and beer selections. There is free Wi-Fi, parking validation and it’s dog friendly if you wanna bring your pup!

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