The Pie Bar Joins Downtown Long Beach’s Tasty Eats


This past June, The Pie Bar opened shop in downtown Long Beach and has since brought a sense of whimsy to the neighborhood. Keep your eyes peeled, because this hole-in-the-wall can be easy to miss.

Much like the pies in the american comedy series Pushing Daisies, The Pie Bar’s desserts are magical with flavors that come to life with every bite. Whatever the time of year it may be, digging into any of the pies at The Pie Bar is an enchanting experience that transports you to a chilly winter day.

Founder and proud owner of The Pie Bar, Laurie Gray, can be found behind the counter, eagerly waiting to help customers decide on a flavor. Her passion for baking shows in her delicately prepared desserts and perfectly crafted recipes.

Before getting into the details of these sinful sweets, let’s talk savory. On the menu you can find breakfast quiche, pulled pork hand pies,and, my personal favorite, the chicken pot pie. Can you say comfort food? The chicken pot pie is served hot and creamy, and adding a pinch of pepper adds a nice kick to every bite.

What’s better than bourbon, whiskey and baileys? Bourbon pecan pie, whiskey peach pie and baileys salted caramel mocha pie!  The bourbon pecan pie, a personal favorite, is nutty, crunchy, creamy and not too sweet. The traditional pie crust balances the sweetness, making it easy to taste every flavor that contributes to this beauty.

The pie jars– individual-sized pies made into little glass containers– are not only cute but convenient. You can pick up a jar and eat on the go while taking a stroll down Pine Avenue to see the ocean view. The key lime pie is The Pie Bar’s best seller and for a good reason– if you’re not particularly fond of the usual harsh tartness, this recipe is sweeter than most, which makes for a good contrast with the citrus of the pie.

Key lime may be the best seller, but the tastiest of the pie jars has to be the Mexican chocolate pie. This isn’t your typical chocolate pie. This bad boy entices your taste buds with pops of cinnamon bursting through the rich distinct flavor of Mexican chocolate. The textures will have your taste buds going for a ride with every bite through the crumbly crust, creamy center and airy whip finish.

These pies are truly unique and best paired with The Pie Bar’s light and refreshing ice cold nitro coffee. After devouring the pie jars you can put your creative thinking to use and make candles with the empty jars or use them for DIY lotions and potions. With the holidays coming up, you’ll definitely want to consider placing your order at The Pie Bar. Although once you try them, you won’t be able to wait for a special occasion to indulge.

450 Pine Ave Long Beach, CA 90802

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