How to Make Tipsy Fruit Skewers


A refreshing and convenient adult snack.

When the weather is 80 degrees in February, there is one pastime that brings together both sides of the climate change debate - drinking outside. Unfortunately, there are times when drinking in public is frowned upon. Enter “Tipsy Fruit Skewers.”

This refreshing, fruity snack with a kick is not just guilt-free alcohol consumption, but also an incognito way to keep the party going when taking a handle-pull might result in some consequences.

What you will need:





-Fruit flavored vodka (Kiwi or banana work well)

-Coconut rum (Malibu)

-Cinnamon whiskey (Fireball or Jack Daniels)



-Storage containers

Check out the video for instructions. Feel free to experiment with different flavors of alcohol for each fruit. If you are ballin’ on a budget and can only buy one type of alcohol, throw all the fruit in the same container so the flavors combine.

And remember to save the fruit-infused alcohol!

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