Turkey Again? Alternatives to Your Basic Thanksgiving Meal


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, along with the impending food coma. Gathering around a turkey at the dinner table is as traditional as it gets, but who says you can’t mix it up? Whether you’re skipping meat all together or simply looking for a change, look here for a few delicious main dishes that can serve to replace turkey this Thanksgiving.

Green Bean and Mushroom Lasagna

This dish resembles the traditional green bean casserole, except there’s a twist: cheese, cheese and more cheese. This recipe transforms a Thanksgiving favorite into a hearty main dish. The mushrooms have a semi-meaty consistency (perfect for replacing protein), and the noodles soak up all the flavor of the creamy sauce. If you’re looking to indulge this year, this is definitely the dish for you.

Cranberry Pecan Stuffed Pork Chops

If you’re skipping turkey but still want to include a protein in your Thanksgiving dinner, this creative spin on pork chops might do the trick. The stuffing includes classic Thanksgiving flavors, such as apple, pecan and cranberry, and it will surely play along perfectly with your favorite side dishes.

For recipe, click here.

Homemade Tofurkey

Looking for a meatless turkey-like option? Tofurkey has got you covered. Tofurkey is made with tofu and coagulated soy milk, and it is often used as an alternative protein source. Ditch storebought tofurkey with this ingenious recipe. Pressing and draining tofu requires a bit of extra work, but it will sure be worth it. Stuffed with brown rice and coated with an orange-based glaze, this tofurkey will fulfill all your Thanksgiving dreams.

For recipe, click here.

Garlic Herb-Roasted Chicken

Oven-roasted chicken is appropriate for any holiday, so why not Thanksgiving? Trade your turkey in for this classic main dish. Complete with thyme, parsley, rosemary and sage, this aromatic chicken will make you forget turkey even exists. Pair it with anything from mashed potatoes to cranberry sauce, and you’re set.

For recipe, click here.

Try any of these recipes if you’re ready to give turkey a break!

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