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The Flip on Sneakers

By: James Chow

The sneaker industry is not a simple shoe brand to Foot Locker. It’s more complex than that. The pair of soles one own goes beyond the feet — from the way it is produced to how it is obtained. What one may not know is that money and sneakers can be a quick transaction without a paper trail. Sometimes, that paper may be stained with blood.

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Feel Good, Look Good, Destroy Earth

By Madison Gallegos

It’s the plague of “fast fashion,” a blanket term for retailers who sell low-quality products at low prices while receiving new inventory about every two weeks. Yeah, that’s right, I said low quality. You didn’t think retailers would just cut you a break and sell you great clothes for $12.99, did you? You may have noticed that the clothes you buy from here will begin to deteriorate after a few months. They may lose their vibrancy, stretch out, and even start to unravel or tear.

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