Out of the Furnace

Release date: December 6, 2013

Starring Christian Bale, Woody Harrelson and Casey Affleck, “Out of the Furnace” has the potential to be one of the year’s most thrilling films. Detailing one man’s all-out attempt to rescue his brother who was kidnapped, “Out of the Furnace” finds Bale and company in mesmerizing roles.


Inside Llewyn Davis

Release date: December 6, 2013

“Inside Llewyn Davis,” starring Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan and John Goodman, follows the life of a folk-singer trying to forge a music career in 1960s New York City. Directed by Joel and Ethan Coen and featuring original music, “Inside Llewyn Davis” is poised to be in Oscar contention.

American Hustle

Release date: December 13, 2013

Perhaps the year’s greatest enigma is “American Hustle.” Directed by David O. Russell, “American Hustle” stars Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams. The story about a conman (Bale) being forced to help an FBI agent (Cooper). “American Hustle” will test whether Russell can create another hit after last year’s “Silver Linings Playbook.”


Release date: December 20, 2013

Easily one of the year’s most bizarre films, “Her” stars Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and Scarlett Johansson. Directed and written by Spike Jonze, “Her” tells the story of a man (Phoenix) who falls in love with a female computer voice (Johansson). The film may definitely garner Oscar buzz.

Saving Mr. Banks

Release date: December 20, 2013

With Tom Hanks playing Walt Disney, “Saving Mr. Banks” is the feel-good drama of the season. It chronicles the making of and story behind “Mary Poppins,” and Hanks may find himself walking away with a golden trophy next year.

Anchorman: The Legend Continues

Release date: December 20, 2013

Ron Burgundy is back after nearly a decade. A sequel to 2004’s “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy,” the film is expected to give fans plenty of laughs. Co-stars Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and David Koechner will return alongside Will Ferrell to give viewers a great comedic experience.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Release date: December 25, 2013

Starring Ben Stiller and Kristen Wiig, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” chronicles one man’s quest to find a lost photograph for LIFE magazine. The film, which opens on Christmas, is a remake of the 1947 film of the same name.

August: Osage County

Release date: December 25, 2013

August: Osage County” may be the year’s most poignant film. Starring Julia Roberts, Ewan McGregor and Meryl Streep, “August: Osage County” details one family’s troubling homecoming and the drama that ensues. Additional performances from Chris Cooper and Benedict Cumberbatch may put the film in the Oscar race.

Lone Survivor

Release date: December 27, 2013

Mark Wahlberg is the star of “Lone Survivor,” a film about military personnel in Afghanistan engaged in battle. With co-stars Eric Bana and Emile Hirsch, “Lone Survivor” is set to bring action and grit to the holiday movie season.

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