Brewfish shreds through the depths



Through their eclectic sound fusion of reggae and rock, Brewfish, a Long Beach sound based band signed under Dub City Music in January 2012, Van Moloney, owner and founder of Dub City Music said. “I told them if you want to work with me we’re going to hit the road and go on tour,” Moloney said.

According to Moloney, Brewfish has built a following after their first album release with funky reggae tunes and well-executed show promotions.

“They are great guys and easy to work with especially since I did not know any of them when we first started working together,” Moloney said. “It became a friendship like a brotherhood, on tour you have to be around each other for a week. We don’t fight and get along really well.”

Cal State University alumni Al Kay is the vocalist and guitarist, Andrew Valero is the bass player, and Zac Martins is the drummer. It was Martins who met Moloney during Shoreline Jam at the Queen Mary.

Brewfish had music tours statewide and launched their first album "20,000 Deep" in May 2012 that is now in iTunes, Moloney said.

Kay shreds on the guitar and is the lead vocalist for the  trio and received his bachelor’s degree in marketing and graduated from CSULB.

“I received my degree in marketing with the focus on promotions and social media,” Kay said. “Now I do that for the band and I’ve always loved music since I was a kid; it worked perfectly where it linked the two things together.”

Valero and Martins said that Kay is the social media genius who has helped to get Brewfish’s name out to the public.

“I worked for promotions at KLOS 95.5 classic rock station and my mentor told me to use any tool that is free like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,” Kay said. “Any tool you have to reach people you have to use it.”

Moloney also takes part in social media aspect of the band such as coming up with all the flyers and booking shows, Martins said.

Kay, Valero and Martins said that the name Brewfish came from drinking beer with each other, the old band name Offset already existed in the music scene; they wanted something new.

“We were just the whole time pretty much just drinking beer and we were sitting in the room and one of us just said Brewfish,” Martins said. “The next day we all called each other and said ‘dude! Brewfish’.”

After they decided on the name Brewfish, they continued to work together and it did not take long to make their first album, “20,000 Deep.”

“There are times when we would come up with ideas, collaborate and jam together,” Valero said. “Zac really fills in a lot too as the drummer because of him it only took us four months to make the album.”

Kay said he does 100 percent of the songwriting.

“It’s just about a lot of experiences in my life but I am also trying to focus on other people’s lives too,” Kay said. “I like metaphors. If I find a story interesting, I’ll write about it.”

Brewfish has played for various size crowds while on tour.

“We have done shows where we’ve played for five people to 500 people,” Valero said. “As long as we touch someone in some way that’s what’s important; it means so much when people know the lyrics and the band.”

Brewfish has short-term and long-term goals that they hope to accomplish.

“For the short term goals we are going to keep going on tour and making music,” Kay said. “For long-term we’re in it, want to make a career out of this and continue doing what we love.”

Valero said that his advice for any aspiring musicians is to not give up.

“Be yourself, be original and do your own thing,” Valero said. “Just keep at it and keep playing.”

Kay and Valero are Long Beach locals and Martins lives in Artesia. Brewfish has been together for two years and all of the members work when they are not touring. Valero works as a respiratory technician, Martins works in construction, and Kay works for KLOS radio station.

Brewfish’s Spring Tour 2013 will start April 12 and the Long Beach show will be April 27 at Di Piazzas.

For more information on the band go to: their website.