Jazmin Arreola

DIG Staff Spring 2015-0522

Jazmin Arreola is a senior, journalism major with a projected minor in spanish literature. Her passion for writing had always been present but pursued as a profession when she stumbled upon journalism at CSULB five years ago.  Her ideologies tend to be quite liberal and she believes it's essential for a human to be in tuned spiritually. She finds people with interesting life journeys quite intriguing to write about and she believes it's her interest in these type of stories that can bring people together to understand one another. Jazmin will be graduating this spring 2015, other than contributing for DIG she works for a company in Irvine called WoodSnap. If you look for her now you'll probably find her slaving away writing blogs at the WoodSnap office with ear buds glued to her ear listening to Ira Glass in This American Life.

Jazmin has been a contributing writer for DIG Magazine since 2012. She hopes to build experience through expanding DIG Magazine, learning the online aspect of DIG and eventually writing for a traveling magazine that will allow her to unlock the world's secret mysteries.

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