Danielle Carson

Danielle Carson is a junior double major in journalism and anthropology with a Spanish minor. She grew up in Big Bear Lake, California and moved to Long Beach to start her freshman year at CSULB. Danielle is especially interested in culture and science, and hopes to combine journalism and anthropology for a career that will take her all over the world and introduce her to something new every day. Danielle loves to make art, travel, write, read, ski, snowboard and drink coffee, and she can’t get anything done without listening to music. She prioritizes good vibes and loves to surround herself with happy people.

Danielle is currently the Diversions Editor for the Daily 49er newspaper and has written for a magazine in Bolivia. She loves journalism because it’s a way to learn, experience and teach all at once and she writes to produce timeless, passionate stories that educate as well as fascinate. She has contributed photos and stories to DIG a few times over the last year, and now as an editorial assistant she looks forward to becoming more involved with the awesome magazine.