10 Days of Oscars: Amour



Put simply, Michael Haneke’s “Amour” may be one of the most realistic movies you will ever watch. It is emotional, stirring, powerful, and vivid, but not in the sentimental sense whatsoever. “Amour” revolves around the depth of an elderly couple’s love and what they are lead to do under the circumstances of growing old. Unlike in Haneke’s other works such as “The White Ribbon” and “Funny Games,” he portrays a completely new perspective in “Amour” that is incredibly sincere.

Make no mistake; this is not a chick-flick. It’s a painfully sad movie. If you are expecting the kind of drama and romance that “The Notebook” offers, look elsewhere.

But do be warned, this movie is extremely slow so save aside plenty of emotional and physical energy that will last you two hours.

"Amour" is the only international film to be nominated as Best Motion Picture of the Year for the 85th Academy Awards. Since it is also nominated for Best Foreign Language Film as well, its chances of winning the first award is slim. Emmanuelle Riva's riveting performance has earned her numerous awards for best actress in a leading role and is also a nominee for the Academy Award.

"Amour" is still playing in some theaters around the area, including Long Beach's very own Art Theatre.