10 Days of Oscars: Life of Pi



Some people may have the “eye of the tiger", but for Pi from the film “Life of Pi” he simply has a "ride with the tiger." “Life of Pi” is a 2012 drama adventure film directed by Ang Lee which is an adaptation from Yann Martel’s 2001 novel of the same name. This film takes you on an adventure with main character Piscine Molitor "Pi" Patel (played by Suraj Sharma as the teen Pi, and Irrfan Khan as adult Pi) who explains his life story to a writer (Rafe Spall), particularly when he was stranded on a lifeboat with a tiger named Richard Parker after a shipwreck.

I heard some positive comments about it and went in with high expectations as I was anxious to see what the buzz was about.

With a title like "Life of Pi", it's expected to see some scenes from childhood before going through the main adventure of a teen, but the beginning of the film was slow, and sometimes even repetitive.

However, it did touch on some well-developed themes, conveying many points about life growing up and the discovery of one's identity. This is something that many children can relate to at that age. Aside from that, the beginning felt really drawn out.

But finally, once the shipwreck occurred, the film got exciting. It was hard to to predict what was happen next, and the film did a very good job on keeping the audience on their toes and engaged in the scene. However, this scene felt repetitive and drawn out as well.

Sharma does a great job of expressing his emotions, though, especially when he realized he was left stranded on a small lifeboat with Richard Parker. You can definitely feel his emotions of desperation and helplessness.

Richard Parker was supposed to be a furious and sometimes scary tiger, but after a while, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the tiger as there were small glimpses of a loveable animal that you just want to adore.

Overall, it was a powerful and beautifully made movie. The cinematography and special effects were breathtaking and along with the visuals, the music helps set specific a mood that made you feel Pi’s emotions of loneliness, helplessness, and desperation.

Even though it felt drawn out, it displayed a great sense of interaction between a boy and a frightening yet lovable beast.

Whether or not the "Life of Pi" has a chance to win "Best Picture Award" at the Oscars is still a toss-up. Personally, even though I thought it was a powerful movie, I wouldn't vote for it. I just thought it was too slow, and it didn't pick up enough for me.

But as a result of its dramatic events and themes, I know a lot of people would consider this film to be a worthy nomination. So I wouldn't be surprised if "Life of Pi" comes out on top for the "Best Picture Award" at the Oscars this year, especially considering it has eleven nominations.