10 Days of Oscars: Lincoln



Abraham Lincoln shined in 2012. He even became a vampire hunter for one feature film, but of course Steven Spielberg's historical drama “Lincoln” would be the one that was nominated for the Academy Award. Sorry “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” “Lincoln” isn't a movie for everyone, but anyone watching the film can definitely appreciate Daniel Day-Lewis's strong performance as the 16th president of the United States of America as the film shows the president's attempts to have the 13th Amendment passed by the House of Representatives.

Besides being slightly dry at some points, one of the problems that the film has is that it doesn't necessarily introduce characters that well. For some characters, the film provided on-screen subtitles to put names to faces, but after the initial few, the lines got blurry from there. It was slightly difficult to keep up with who was who, but the film was clear to show who was on what side in terms of passing or rejecting the amendment.

The film also feels incredibly slow-paced, but there are still fun and comedic moments throughout, especially when President Lincoln and Secretary of State William Seward hire agents to offer Democratic congressmen with “jobs” in exchange for their votes.

Screenwriter Tony Kushner was adapting the film from part of a biography on the president, but choosing to focus on the final four months of Lincoln's life rather than having it be completely a biopic was a great decision to really show the significance of not only Lincoln's work as president, but also provided a view of his private life as a father and a husband. Otherwise, the film would have tried to cover too much material and the pacing of the film would have been completely thrown off.

This film wouldn't have worked if anyone else portrayed Abraham Lincoln, and Daniel Day-Lewis is a shoo-in for Best Actor at the Academy Awards. “Lincoln” has a fighting chance to win Best Motion Picture of the year at the Academy Awards as well, and with twelve nominations this year, it is bound to win some more.