Countdown to Emmy's: Homeland



It comes as no surprise that television is in a golden age. With complex characters, brilliantly-produced scripts and talented actors, television programs like “Homeland” have captivated millions of Americans over the past few years. While "Homeland" may not have as large of a fanbase as other network television shows, the show is easily one of the greatest programs to ever hit the airwaves. Known for its ability to leave audiences hanging and yearning for more, “Homeland” is deserving of the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series.

Season Two of “Homeland” begins in Lebanon, a so-called powder keg of the Middle East. Audiences first find Carrie (Claire Danes) recovering from events that transpired at the end of Season One. Despite her initial struggles to re-integrate back into the CIA, Carrie finds comfort in connecting with former co-workers like Saul (Mandy Patinkin).

A continuing narrative throughout this season is Carrie’s relationship with Brody (Damian Lewis).

Tumultuous and unpredictable, the relationship between the show’s leading acts lays the ground for much of the season’s best moments. The addition of Quinn (Rupert Friend) further complements the program’s ability to develop a wide assortment of characters.

Without spoiling any details, the final three episodes of “Homeland” are so well-produced that the program is wholly deserving of an Emmy. While other programs may come close, none can match the intensity of “Homeland.”

“Homeland” has the added benefit of being last year’s Emmy winner. In continuing with Emmy tradition, “Homeland” is deserving of an Emmy for Season Two and many more to come.