Countdown to Emmy's: Modern Family



Since its premiere in 2009, “Modern Family” has mastered the art of the sitcom. After winning Emmy’s for all of its seasons to date and racking up award after award, the show has clearly made a name for itself in comedy television aND season four will be no different. This season’s premise centers on the Pritchetts and the Dunphys coping with developing career opportunities for Jay (Ed O’Neill) and his family, and the challenges of parenthood and marriage.

We find Jay and Gloria (Sophia Vergara) expecting their first child together, and clashing on what to name him and how to raise him. Phil (Ty Burrell) and Claire (Julie Bowen) are sending their eldest to college, finding ways to add spark to their marriage, and balancing parenthood with their careers. Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and partner Cameron Tucker (Eric Stonestreet) are challenged with raising their adopted daughter the best they can while teaching her to embrace her Vietnamese culture as Cam starts a new career.

What makes “Modern Family” work so well is the cast, including guest stars ranging from Nathan Lane to Benjamin Bratt. Stand-out performance are hard to pick out since nearly everyone from the cast has been nominated for Emmy’s, but Vergara, O’Neill, Burell, Bowen, Stonestreet and Ferguson were definitely at their best this season. The children are also essential to the show’s comedic charm.

Although Bowen took home the Emmy last year, Vergara’s portrayal of Gloria this season was phenomenal from start to finish and has a good chance at winning in the supporting actress category. It is tough to predict the supporting actor category because O’Neill, Ferguson, and Burrell were all outstanding. However, audiences witnessed an edge to O’Neill’s character this season that they had not previously seen, and it would be nice to see him win this year.

Each teleplay is unique in that it relates to every family, as they face all the challenges that come with family life with a comedic twist. Every one of Gloria’s meltdowns, Cam’s freak-outs and Phil’s crazy ideas contribute the perfect combination of humor and reality, and it never gets old.

With “Modern Family’s current track record of Emmy success and critical accolades, it is certainly the front-runner and most likely to take home another gold statuette for the “Outstanding Comedy Series.”