Warped Tour Updated



For the past 17 years, summer in Southern California has meant hot and sweaty fun at the Vans Warped Tour. With dozens of songs written in its honor and many bands eager to participate, the outdoor tour has drawn in large amounts of music lovers nationally and internationally every year. This year is sure to be no different, but there are some slight changes. The tour’s continuing success has come with many changes throughout the years. The most obvious change being the huge shift from the tour’s original punk rock line-up to a much younger, more mainstream and friendly one. This year’s line-up is more diverse than ever. With genres across the board, the tour appears to be shedding its punk rock origins for good and becoming almost unrecognizable.

In the past, the tour kept somewhat true to its roots by including a decent amount of punk bands like NOFX, The Adolescents and Bad Religion. This was especially true here in Southern California where the tour added an “Old School” stage specifically for punk rock bands and their fans. This extreme mixture of genres became problematic for the tours creator Kevin Lyman when some of the more seasoned bands, like Broadway Calls, became vocal about their tension and dislike of the new younger bands. These conflicts might explain why, unfortunately, this year’s tour has a significantly large absence of punk rock bands in its line-up.

This is sad news for this outdoor event past punk rock crowd who will be forced to make do with the limited punk rock bands in this year’s tour. However, fans of other genres that were excluded in the past will now have a reason to attend this years Warped Tour. With a buffet of genres new and seasoned attendees will have the opportunity to experience many bands that they would otherwise not be exposed to. For those who still want the sound of punk rock will have to make sure to check out The Aquabats and Kevin Seconds from the band 7seconds to get a small dose of the genre of music that inspired the creation of the tour.

Unfortunately the shift in musical acts at the Warped Tour is not the only change we will see this year. The tour has also dropped the Home Depot Center as part of the tour’s venues. The tour’s scheduled stops for 2013 will still give Southern Californians the opportunity to attend, with two dates in the Pomona Fairplex and one in Ventura’s Seaside Park. So pack your water and sunscreen and prepare for a long day of music, sun and fun. For more information on the genres, bands, dates and tickets for the Vans Warped Tour 2013 make sure to visit the tours website.