Countdown to Emmy's: 30 Rock



Oh, what a sweet, sweet finale of “30 Rock” it was. Since it has been a while since “30 Rock’s” last episode of season seven, here’s a quick recap of what happened in “Hogcock!/Last Lunch:”

(Hogcock: a combination of Hogwash and Poppycock, according to Jack Donaghy.)

Liz Lemon tries to adjust to her new life as a stay-at-home mom while her husband Criss, played by James Marsden, tries to adjust to his busy life as a working dad.

Liz seeks advice on on how to be a working mom and still spend time with your kids, when she gets into a heated argument with another “mom” over the Internet. So, the only way to settle an argument over the Internet is, of course, to meet in person.

By the way, the other “mom” turns out to be Criss.

So Criss hates working and wants to be at home with the kids, so the couple decides to switch parenting roles.

Meanwhile back at 30 Rock, Jack searches for his inner happiness after Kenneth takes his seat as the new president of NBC.

Donaghy decides to “crush this problem…with [his] A.S.S.,” or as he learned at Six Sigma, “Analyze, Strategize, [and] Succeed.”

So, by using his A.S.S., Donaghy takes a 30-second, life-changing boat trip that helps him realize that his happiness lies in…clear dishwashers.

The finale ends with “30 Rock” becoming an idea for a TV show that Lemon’s granddaughter pitches to Kenneth. Yes, it was a bit strange. But hey, what did you expect? It’s only “30 Rock.”

Liz was so much calmer in this last season. Whether it was to compliment the season’s end or to show her maturing into motherhood, whatever it was it worked. Season seven of “30 Rock” received 13 nominations for this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards, and rightfully so.

“30 Rock” had a strong, steady run and the Liz and Jack duo will be greatly missed.

So in the words of the amazing Jenna Maroney, I say to all you “30 Rock” lovers, “Good-bye forever, you factory reject dildos!”