Pelican's Second Home



Breaking their decade-long silence at The Casbah in San Diego, last weekend, was Pelican, the Chicago born quartet, whose 2011 tour takes a northbound journey along the West Coast. Back with a new record label, Southern Lords, the band continues to create genre-defying music. Taking part in The Power of the Riff Festival and Boomslang Festival, Pelican played a show at the Echoplex in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The band was anticipating their appearance in Los Angeles, saying that being back is an excellent feeling. The city is like a "second home" to the band, who mentioned that their previous record label, Hydrahead, and current one, Southern Lords, are Los Angeles based.

The band will play several shows this week, one today in Fresno and another in San Francisco on Tuesday. The band will then cross a state line to play at the Hawthorne Theatre in Portland, Ore., on Wednesday, and will continue northbound, making a stop in Seattle on Thursday.

Oddly enough, the tour that initially took Pelican northbound will made a sharp right and cross the nation. Pelican's final appearance will be on Sept. 24, during the Boomslang Festival in Lexington, KY.

Pelican is formed by guitarists Laurent Schroeder-Lebec and Trevor de Brauw and brothers Bryan Herweg, on bass, and Larry Herweg on drums.Accompanying Pelican on the tour are Pentagram, Winter, Noothgrush and many more.

For Pelican, playing music was just a hobby, who didn't imagine that they would soon be signed to a record label and be touring with well-established bands.Once they were getting records out, Pelican became more focused on songwriting and harnessing melodies. It was a slow process that eventually led to their current success.

Their recent album "What We All Come To Need," is a blend of sounds from previous records that establishes the essence of what their aspirations were during the beginning of it all. With a better budget and more time, the new album is an enhanced version of their inevitable talent.

Pelican plans on performing most songs off of their latest album, but will incorporate music from their entire career.

Fans have a lot of quirky and extraordinary things to look forward to on this tour. The band explained that there will be a confetti cannon, along with a three-legged donkey. The show will also incorporate trans-gender back-up dancers wearing matching silver spaceman outfits and there will be an inverted disco ball. This is all in honor of the band's Los Angeles homecoming, for which the band said they will be "pulling out all of the stops" for, during the tour.

To prepare for such an eccentric performance, the band practices their scales, eats a light meal and stretches. They admit that being in their 30s restricts them of previous preparation rituals.

After long tours, Pelican likes to use their down time to write more music and create melodies. They expect to have another album out this time next year to perform for their fans.