Countdown to Emmy's: Breaking Bad



It’s only fitting that the most addicting show on TV centers around crystal meth. AMC’s “Breaking Bad” returned for its final eight episodes on August 11, more than 11 months after the midpoint of season five.

Despite only having 16 episodes, season five has been ongoing for over a year. This season centers around Walter White and Jessie Pinkman continuing their crystal meth empire after the death of the biggest drug boss in New Mexico, Gus Fring.

It is common knowledge that season five is the final season of the show. The first half captured the audiences attention through all of summer 2012. With Fring’s death ending the fourth season, fans of the show knew the last 16 episodes would be insane.

The beginning of season five did not disappoint, as Walter, Jessie and Gus’ private investigator, Mike Ehrmantraut try to deal with the death of Fring. This affects their drug business in a gigantic way, and also forces the police to investigate even harder into the notorious “Heisenberg.”

The season is full of everything “Breaking Bad “is known for: drama, intensity, twisted humor, and heart wrenching moments are aplenty in season five.

Despite all of the hype and positive reviews for the show, “Breaking Bad” has never had tremendous success at the Emmy awards. At last year's award show, Aaron Paul took home the lone Emmy for his role as Jessie Pinkman. “Breaking” Bad was nominated for 12 other awards, but lost all of those to shows like “Homeland” and “Game of Thrones.”

This year, the show will be going up against most of the same rivals that have robbed them in years past. “Mad Men” is also nominated for many of the same awards, as is the new Netflix show “House of Cards.”

The categories that Breaking Bad is nominated in is stacked. Each and every other nominee is highly respected and could definitely take home the Emmy. “Breaking Bad” should have more success because of how amazing season five was. Knowing that this was the last season, director Vince Gilligan pulled all the punches and definitely took some risks, adding new characters and taking old characters out of the equation. The nostalgia factor could play into Gilligan’s favor, as “Breaking Bad” has been one of the most talked about shows of the last year.

For the second year in a row, “Breaking Bad” is nominated for 13 Emmy Awards. While they probably won’t sweep, they should manage to do better than the one they won last year.