Hotel Maya Presents “The Year to Go Mayan”



With the Mayan calendar ending, many people believe that the world will come to an end too. There are many things to do to await “doomsday”: you can stay home and enjoy time with your family, run in fear to every store to stock up on supplies, or you can choose to bid farewell to the world by celebrating at Hotel Maya’s End of the World Party.

The party will begin at 9 a.m. and take place in the hotel’s Fuego restaurant. It will continue throughout the day counting down to the end of the Mayan calendar at 11:11 p.m. universal time. All food on the restaurant’s menu for the party are either indigenous to the Mayan culture or have some element about the dish that roots from the civilization. Authentic Mayan music will play and Mayan dancers will perform to entertain the guests and introduce them to the culture and traditions of the Maya. Guests will be able to dine and enjoy the night with an amazing view of Long Beach right by the water.

Hotel Maya actually began celebrating the awaited end of the Mayan calendar since last Dec. 21 and decided this year’s theme as “The Year to Go Mayan”. The goal of the yearlong celebration was not to await the alleged Doomsday with fear, but to spread a message to live life to the fullest in case the world does end, and to cherish the Mayan culture that the hotel is based on.

“We respect the Mayan civilization and people and want our guests to ‘Go Mayan’ while visiting the property and being immersed in the culture and history,” Kristi Allen, general manager at Hotel Maya, said.

“The Year to Go Mayan” party features complimentary Mayan movie screenings, lectures, and dinner shows to introduce guests to the culture and traditions of the ancient civilization. Dancers known as the Copali-Copili dance to ancient Mexican music, and various music groups indigenous of Mexico perform during the dinner shows to give guests a reason to celebrate Mayan myth and culture, instead of fearing the end.

The End of the World Party is meant to provide a memorable end to “The Year to Go Mayan”, and to continue to encourage guests to live a fun and eventful life.

Sophomore international studies major Melissa Casas visited the hotel a while back, and would like to come back for the event.

“Who'll be able to say they've attended an apocalypse party before?” she said. “At least, until the next supposed date for the end of the world comes to pass.”

The Fuego restaurant will serve dishes and drinks indigenous to Mayan culture to guests throughout the event. The menu includes dishes such as Mayan inspired stuffed chili peppers, ceviche cocktails, authentic corn sopes, and Fuego enchiladas. The restaurant is notorious for its handcrafted margaritas and tequila selection as well.

There is much speculation on whether or not the end of the Mayan calendar marks the end of the world. Whatever proves to be true, Hotel Maya is prepared. The hotel has a countdown clock to the Mayan calendar’s end on its website, and is awaiting guests to come and celebrate the end of the calendar and “go Mayan” before the clock counts down to zero.

“It sounds like the most authentic way to celebrate the end of the world,” Santos said.

To make a reservation for a table on the day of the party, go to or call (562) 435-7676.

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